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You are an absolute life saver. You and your crew did an excellent job with, firstly, moving my parent's into a senior's residence and secondly, clearing out their home, recommending a wonderful estate agent, Blaine Gill and finishing off clearing up the house of everything else, either by moving items to our house and taking the rest of the items to charity. Your crew is also wonderful and deserves a pat on the back, whether it was cleaning up the shed or putting panels back onto the house, everything was handled professionally. Your positive and friendly manner put my anxiety and worries to rest. As you know, my mother passed away recently, and my husband and I were under a lot of stress with how to deal with my parent's belongings in their home. You made everything happen! I am your biggest fan.

"The preparation to sell the family home on behalf of your elderly parent is an emotionally draining and logistically daunting task.

Thankfully, sorting out how to organize, de-clutter and get value from a lifetime of memories is made immeasurably easier with the excellent help of Judy Besserer - Homefree Organizing Service. Judy competently and efficiently took over, arranging for the careful packing, cleaning and/or disposal of years worth of accummulation.

Additionally her contacts with people such as Mr. D.Blaine Gill - WholeHome Estate Sales, were particularly beneficial. Blaine demonstrated true class with helping to price and sell the items from our family home. In our particular circumstance, he accomplished this with very little time, was completely organized, and more than effective in selling what he could while helping to arrange for the donation of what he couldn't sell to a worthy cause.

We truly feel blessed to have happened across such tremendously helpful, courteous, honest and professional people.They are highly recommended by our family."

-The Giffens

"To simply say - Thank You - hardly seems appropriate to convey how much all of us at Ronald McDonald House of Ottawa and Eastern Ontario appreciate the amazing job of organizing us and the part that you played in the day-long event." -Carol

"I've felt a wonderful feeling of freedom I haven't felt for years, because now with all the parameters set, it will be easy getting things and keeping them in permanent order. The momentum has even spilled over into bits of housecleaning and catching up my laundry." -Elizabeth

Thank you so much for cleaning out and organizing me and my sisters closet. I really appreciate all the work you did. It gives me more space and helps me stay organized." -Amanda

We want to express our gratitiude at your patience and understanding about our hesitance to part with some of our cherished pieces. Your gentle presuasion and guidance around how much we could realistically keep was much appreciated." -Mara Lynn


Homefree Organizational Services

Helping people obtain their organizational goals

Whether you’re faced with the daunting task of moving your belongings to a new home or looking to regain and maintain order where you currently reside, we offer hands-on assistance to get the job done.

Homefree will liberate you from the stress of facing these challenges alone. Our energetic and focused team of organizational experts will help you to rid clutter and chaos from your home. We will transform it into a peaceful and safe haven—what a home is meant to be.

We offer straightforward and beautiful solutions and some very innovative ways to make your life easier and better in your home. Our organizational services will bring a new sense of control, meaning and ease to your life.

Amount of money unearthed during a decluttering or downsizing process- to date is
Declutter your home in a compassionate way. Give honour to the possessions that once were you. Release things with care- but let them go. The process becomes a passage of beauty- releasing the old and embracing the YOU.

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